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Come explore the amazing advantages of Wedi products in New York City and Long Island at Glendale Lumber Co. Inc. Wedi, now made in the United States, provides top-grade waterproof panels and shower systems. Their materials consist of CFC-free extruded polystyrene foam, reinforced fiberglass on both sides, and coatings with synthetic polymer resin mortar, ensuring Wedi is 100% waterproof.

Wedi Building Panels: Versatile and Lightweight

With endless installation capabilities, Wedi Building Panels go beyond traditional components for building. Available in various sizes and thicknesses, these lightweight panels are easily cut to any dimension, ensuring fast and simple installation. From kitchens to bathrooms, showers to tubs, even steam rooms and countertops, these versatile panels can be used in almost any wet area.

Wedi Waterproof Shower Systems: Reliable and Mold-Proof

Construct 100% waterproof and mold-proof showers with Wedi Waterproof Shower Systems. Combined with Wedi Building Panels on the walls and a Wedi shower base, these cost-efficient solutions offer a superior alternative to traditional installation methods. Our pre-sloped Wedi Fundo shower bases, available with round or linear drains, provide excellent compatibility with any underfloor heating system.

Contact us now for pricing and availability. Experience the quality and performance of Wedi and transform your next project with confidence.