Moulding Profiles

Glendale Lumber Co. Inc. offers a vast selection of over 100 different high-quality moulding profiles in New York City and Long Island, including:

  • Clear Pine
  • Finger-Jointed Pine
  • Primed
  • MDF
  • Oak

For additional options, we can special order any profile with a short lead time, ensuring you have access to the exact moulding you need. Many of these profiles are also available in flexible resin if that application is needed. Explore our offerings today and find the perfect moulding for your project.

Moulding Stocks:

  • Door Casings
  • Base Mouldings
  • Crown Mouldings
  • Base Caps and Panel Mouldings
  • Chair Rails
  • Flexible Mouldings
Other Options

Visit our moulding showroom to explore our extensive stock and discover the possibilities.