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Wedi Building Panels are so much more than a component for building,
they offer endless installation capabilities.  Available in a wide variety of
sizes and thicknesses.  The Wedi Building panels are very lightweight and
easily cut to any dimension, making them fast and simple to work with.  
The panels are very versatile and can be used in almost any wet area.  
Including: kitchens, bathrooms, showers, tubs, steam rooms, floors and
even countertops.  Since the Wedi panels have excellent insulating properties
it is a perfect match with any under floor heating systems.  
Wedi Stock
Wedi Waterproof Shower Systems offer reliable cost-efficient solutions
for constructing 100% waterproof and mold proof showers.  Used in
combination with Wedi Building Panels on the walls and a Wedi shower base
Along with Wedi Sealant offer an excellent alternative to traditional
installation methods.  Wedi Fundo shower bases are pre-sloped and are
available in a round drain and a linear drain.  Both are available in various sizes.
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Wedi Stock
Wedi Stock
Wedi also offers shower accessories such as Benches, Corner Seats and Niches.
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Wedi Stock
Wedi Stock
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